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nr 2/2010

Krakowskie Studia Międzynarodowe 2/2010
Miscellanea Americana
edited by Andrzej Bryk

Andrzej Bryk: Miscellanea Americana: Introduction

Marta Dębska: A Brief History of Americanization

Andrzej Bryk: The United States, Human Rights, and a Rejection of the Unmediated Democracy

Marta du Vall: Compassionate Conservatism. A New Version of Conservative Welfare State?

Maciej Brachowicz: Is Abortion a Religious Issue? And What If It Is?

Wojciech Kaczor: The Crime of Aristocracy - Count Alexis de Tocqueville on American Slavery

Piotr Musiewicz: The Oxford Movement and the Doctrines of the Episcopal Church

Rafał Marek: Some Remarks on the Views of the Orthodox Church in the United States on an Appropriate Model of Church-State Relations

Marta Majorek: The Philosophical Aspect of Anarchism in Robert Paul Wolff's Thought

Beata Szyjka: The American Diversity Immigrant Visa Programme as a New Phonomenon in Immigration

Catherine H. Zuckert: Up from the Underground: Ellison on Equality

Richard John Neuhaus: The Vulnerability of the Naked Square

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