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nr 3/2019

Krakowskie Studia Międzynarodowe 3/2019
The Presidency of Donald Trump
Edited by Andrzej Bryk

Andrzej Bryk: Donald Trump vs. the Liberal Global Consensus. Introduction

Andrzej Bryk: Donald Trump as a Response to a Global Post-Cold War Liberal World

Zbigniew Lewicki: Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy: Change of Substance or Only of Style?

Michał Kuź: Trump and the Anti-Globalization Rebalancing Within the West

Kazimierz Dadak: Donald Trump and the China Challenge

Jerzy Zarzycki-Siek: America and Energy Domination Plan – A New Way of Regime Change?

Elżbieta Majchrowska: Promoting Free Trade in Asia-Pacific – CPTPP as an Answer to Trump’s Protectionism

Bartosz Rydliński: Donald Trump’s Victory as a Symbol of (Center) left Failure in the United States

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