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nr 2/2009

Krakowskie Studia Międzynarodowe 2/2009
Liberty and Virtue in America
In honor of Harvey C. Mansfield
edited by Andrzej Bryk

Introduction: Virtus nobilitat

Andrzej Bryk: Harvey Mansfield and Virtue in the Arid Land of Modern Liberalism

Andrzej Bryk: Whence Virtue? Whence Justice? Whence Morality? America and Modernity

Wilfred M. McClay: The Soul of a Nation: American Civil Religion After 9/11

Chantal Delsol: Tocqueville and Pantheism

Robert P. Kraynak: The Relation of Christianity and Liberal Democracy in America

Gerard V. Bradley: The Audacity of Faith

Rogers M. Smith: Religion and America's Politics of Peoplehood

Richard Gamble: Religion and Politics in the Shining City: How the "Winthrop Message" Became the "Reagan Message"

Michael Zuckert: Thinkin' about Lincoln

Peter Augustine Lawler: Building Better then They Knew: John Courtney's Murray's American, Catholic View of the True Foundation of Our Country

Catherine H. Zuckert: Leo Strauss: Fascist, Authoritarian, Imperialist?

Mark Blitz: Hegel and Progressivism

Jeremy Rabkin: Personal Honor, National Honor and International Justice

Hieronim Kubiak: Religious Motivations for Work Ethics. The American Case

Irving Kristol: On the Character of the American Political Order

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